A free but very well made archery defense game - Deadly Hunter VR


  • Did you actually play this using NOLO? If so, did you have to do anything special for any settings? The game is simply stuck at "loading..." for me when I start it.
  • @Astraea This is actually what I played using nolo and osvr hdk2. If an error occurs, reinstall the steam and steamvr.
  • ill have to try this when I get mine!
  • @VRMan Thanks for your response, there isn't any noticeable error but it just hangs on "loading...", tried reinstalling too but that didn't do much. I wonder if it's because I am using a mobile phone for HMD and somehow they recognize that differently than they do a OSVR HDK2.

    When your SteamVR is opened and active, can you try clicking on "Create a System Report" from the menu? Somewhere in that I can see that they are treating my HMD as Oculus I think ("Using existing HMD oculus_vridge.0.8"). I wonder what shows up on yours.
  • @Astraea My system reports are recognized as OSVR HMD Headset HDK 2.0 OSVR. And I have confirmed that it runs normally on the oculus dk2.
  • edited June 2017
    Astraea: I recommend you to quit all VR programs (Nolo+Steam+Revive+?) and then run them again if the previous game doesn't stop properly when you quit it. There is a button to the left in the Steam dashboard for exiting games but it doesn't always work.

  • @VRMan Thanks, I am wondering if there is a conflict in what the game recognizes, as in thinking that the HMD is Oculus but the controllers is VIVE or something.

    @Zunhs I have tried all that and restarted multiple times but it's still stuck on loading...

    Either way, I wrote on their discussion board on steam and the developer responded already so hopefully I can get some help that way as well.

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