Any idea on a second sensor add-on?

Title says all but it would give it a high recommendation over a Oculus

I've been enjoying nolo alot but I feel a second sensor will help alot (as some times I see the limitations very clearly)


  • I totally agree, I think this needs more visibility.

    The current system works great, but with the occlusion problems it makes it really difficult to play games that use things like bow and arrows where your generally holding both controllers in front of your face.

    A second base station would be great, I would happily pay for a second one to get 360 tracking and less occlusion problems.
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    A second sensor can't just be "tacked on" though. NOLO team has pretty much confirmed that there is no plans for NOLO CV1 to be able to support more than one base station operating at the same time* in the same room

    *- It might be possible to use deliberate blocking or ON/OFF of multiple base stations though? Still needs a lot of modification for that (since it means 2 base stations + 2 head markers (front/back), and some way to tell which base station is which).

    Given that Ultrasonic and IR used in NOLO probably would collide if another base station was emitting them (I think they use the motors on the IR to make sure that the vertical band and horizontal band are separated somehow, sort of like how two Kinect V1's can be used if you add a vibrating motor to the other one), this is something that would probably take major hacks to do (and be completely against the "easy setup" selling point of NOLO / Mobile VR).

    That said, I'd love to see someone tinker around and find out what might be possible with two sets of NOLO hardware!
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    I think it possible it  just sound like they dont really want reprogram  
  • Two base stations are recognized but not functioning properly.
  • @Jazneo it's not something they can just "reprogram". It's a fundamental change to the technology and the software.
  • No, it would be coding, software and firmware updates.

    Disable the ultrasound on at least one base 
    Link the bases so that they transmit at different times to reduce interference
    Make it so that the controllers can pair with more than one base.

    More complicated, but I think it may be doable to a certain degree.
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    No, it would be coding, software and firmware updates.

    That's assuming the current hardware can handle the changes. No amount of coding, software changes and firmware update can change the actual hardware.

    I sincerely hope they find a way to accommodate a second base station with the current hardware, but bear in mind that it wasn't designed that way so it's entirely possible that they would need to change the design of the base station and/or the controllers to achieve this.
  • @bigo93 so you have done tests with IR interference as well? If its only ultrasonic that interferes then sure that might make it a code only fix, but it's definitely not somple
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    @bigelowed,  that is how the Vive Tracking works, if I'm not mistaken.  IR lasers synced to pulse over the room at syncopated intervals. They shouldn't 'interfere' because they don't pulse at the same time.

    @Zomby, i agree, it would depend on how programable / alterable the system currently is..
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    @kinnikinnick the NOLO isn't directly comparable though. A lot of differences in parts and capabilities are obvious from the price difference alone (even if Vive sells at profit and NOLO sells at cost)
  • I guess I'll just get the Oculus rift on sale then
  • @Jenssons do you have 3 spare USB ports a HDMI graphics port and lots of cable space for the cameras? just saying that the sale lasts 6 weeks and waiting to see how good this will be when it becomes wireless is a good idea
  • Aside from cost, why not both? No matter how good the alternatives options may be, the NOLO is the only one you can also use on mobile alone, and I bet there will be good content coming soon for that!
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