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  • TheDeaX
    How to downgrade firmware controller and head marker?
    December 16
  • Junian
    Just saying I really don't have any idea how the firmware in nolo would be related to a specific headset, like you have said in the last post that I commented, they are two different things and are not correlated, I update my old Cv1 and it still works in nolo assistant+ riftcat+galaxy note 5 better than it ever did, the only thing that could make the firmware update go wrong is the user not following the instructions or if nolo vr have more than one hardware revision, which is highly unlikely because my was made last year, even if that is the case the update software should know that it was not a compatible revision, because if I had one of the "compatible headsets" my nolo still would have been bricked anyway, and yes I update my knowing that it could've go wrong and I do know how to force an old firmware to the hardware, but if my work every new revision should work. I am not responding in the original post because it would only get the discussion heated and I don't want your work to be harder. 
    In my opinion as a developer, that was either an user not following the instructions, the software that make the  firmware update have some issue or he was really unlucky, I had two different sony consoles that get half bricked by official over the cloud firmware updates, and yes it happens
    November 5
  • Waymos
    Hello, I want to return and get a refund. I am not happy with the nolo and want my money back. Who do I speak with?
    August 2017
  • johnmw
    username: johnMW 
    backe# 2069
    June 2017
  • johnmw
    June 2017
  • admin joined.
    Welcome to Vanilla!
    April 2011

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