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  • Grip button dose not click. But the track pad is a bigger problem
  • I had payed for a broken controller replacement and one of the side release grip buttons dose not click, the same thing happened with my old one. It happened after 2 days of use and i was not sure that it dose not click since the controller has 2 of…
  • i play games or use the nolo visualizer software. After i click the touch pad few times it stops registering my touch on the pad. i turn off the controller and turn it back on it works fine for few clicks on the touch pad. Some times the touch pad g…
  • So i can set up 360 with driver4vr without mounting it on the sealing?
  • Ok
  • Support dose not respond maybe i shouldn't use gmail
  • If i cant get a replacement controller i will sell my pimax 4k for 150eur and nolo for 80eur and just get windows mixed reality.
  • The controller fell and the ball with sensors is moving, some plastic cracked and fell off next to the ball, trigger dose not click and the led flashing red and green. So i dont think the warranty will cover it, i want to pay for a replacement.

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