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  • Ah, too bad. Thanks for trying and posting the results.
  • Cool, thanks!
  • FYI, the Nolo driver app shows that the Marker (2.1) and Controllers (2.2) are up to date.
  • I think Nolo has to be connected either to the Go or to the PC and I was hoping this connection could be through the hub. If it was just connected to the battery through the hub without the hub connected to the Go or PC, I don't think that would wor…
  • Thanks, but I'm not sure I understand. Is there a recent update I should be looking for? I don't see any update mechanism in Nolo Assistant; do I use the old Nolo driver app to check for updates?
  • Thanks @Pearce33 but I don't quite understand what you're saying. Were you able to get Nolo and Oculus Go working with Vridge wirelessly when directly connected with an OTG cable but just not with the OTG hub and battery? It does look like a promisi…
  • Ah, too bad. I was hoping for some kind of splitter to provide external power since, as I discussed in another thread, playing Nolo games on the Go is possible and fun, but this issue would severely limit play time. Thanks!
  • Lots of good stuff to report! First: dumb mistake. I forgot that I initially installed Alien Attack as a cardboard app. I reinstalled it as GearVR and it loaded and even showed up in the Unknown Sources list. I had to authenticate myself to Nolo Hom…
  • Thanks for the response but this doesn't quite work. I tried launching Alien Attack with  adb shell monkey -p com.Chesstar.AlienAttack.NoloCardBoard 1but it said Nolo Home needed to be installed. I installed Nolo Home and launched it again but it …
  • Whoops, just figured out my dumb mistake. I had just assumed the base gets mounted upside down. Seems obvious now, but the front faces down. Once I did that, things started working as expected. The controllers don't always seem to face directly forw…
    in Ceiling Mode Comment by Vinoh June 19
  • @alec100_94 Thanks for the great info. VirtualHere USB for the Go sounds like a very promising alternative and I can see other uses for it as well. Did you have to sideload the server software onto the Go? If so, any unusual steps other than just ex…
  • Do I need to uninstall the old driver or simply not run the old Nolo app while running Nolo Assistant? It seems like the old app is still needed to check for firmware updates since I don't see that function in Nolo Assistant. The old Nolo app showed…
  • Ah, got it. Thanks!
  • What is the little box with the USB connectors in the middle of the 4M cable for? And what is the function of the 3M splitter cable?
  • Thanks, but I don't understand how the sequence of connections would affect using an external power source. I was wondering if a splitter cable of some sort could be used to feed power to the marker and Go.
  • I finally found a GitHub link buried in this forum that pointed to a Windows driver installation app. After I installed it, I found the firmware update menu item. I feel like i'm missing something since not one instruction in the package or download…

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