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  • I never really intended to use Nolo for mobile play. It's for my PSVR.  I could definitely try, but I'm using a Samsung Note 8 - and it's noticeably too big for the cardboard headpiece. A bit of the screen gets cut off. Would that matter?
  • Hey there. Another room isn't really an option for me. I'm in a 1-room apartment.  I did clear a good 6ft of space on all sides of me to use. I ensured nothing was too bright or too reflective around me. I managed to get the tracking right-side up…
  • I should specify it's upside-down in the visualizer on nolo assistant. I can't get a proper display on SteamVR at all.
  • Hello, sorry for my delayed response! About my email, do I have to leave it here? I'd rather it not be public, is there a way to privately message it? I've run into a new issue. Everything is upside-down now! Which I found a little hilarious at fi…
  • Hey there. Thanks for following up with me! I had a very successful test run earlier. Got SteamVR fully running and played a few test songs on Beat Saber. Serial number: LY04818013107143 Status of Nolo devices Base station: green power light, tw…
  • Cancel all of that! I got it all working. Turns out one of the cables that came with nolo was faulty - one end was loose and not connecting properly. After I swapped it for another the base station turned on just fine and from there I was able to m…

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