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  • @admin I am using a Pimax4k Trackpad scaling from the sound of it is an issue in general, not specific to one headset or another. Even back when I tested out with a phone months ago, I had the same problem. When touching on the touchpad at the ed…
  • @iVRy, here we are, months later, and still no solution by Nolo. I posted in several threads about the issue, because this is ridiculous. @admin, please comment about the trackpad issues. It needs to be scaled properly.
  • @admin Look here, just look how many months its been without a reply or any bit of effort to fix this issue. Come on Nolo, get your act together, very unprofessional. You are only hurting your sales and reputation from people who know about the lack…
  • @admin  Any new on trackpad fixes? When in Steamvr, the edged of the Nolo trackpad does not reach the edge of the emulated vive trackpad, causing issues with ever shooting game that uses snap turn or edge-of-trackpad presses. This issue wa…
  • @admin "We will look into it" (from July 20)... well, here we are two months down the road. Any plans to update?
  • @iVRy, does your driver work with headsets such as the oculus dk1 or the Pimax 4k? I know for the Pimax 4k their software directly integrates the Nolo devices, so an update from Nolo's end needs to be underway. I don't understand why its taken so lo…
  • @admin, just a reminder, this issues is still in existence and hasn't been spoken of for quite some time. Any ETA on a fix coming our way?
  • @admin This is still and issue and has yet to be fixed. The trackpad is indeed 'too small' and preventing the edges of the emulated vive trackpad to be pressed. Please don't forget about this problem, as it effects every steamvr title.

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