Screen lag

When I run nolo via steam vr I get a lag when I rotate my head....a black border appears at the edges of the image, like the picture can't keep up withy movement.

I'm on am i7 pc pc w pocophone and 5g network so don't know how to improve the performance or if it's simply a bug. Ivry runs a lot smoother 


  • @maxpower Hi, thanks for your message. May I check with you that you're using the USB mode for iVRy? Can you use the NOLO network monitoring tool under NOLO HOME? It can help you to check the degree of the crowdedness of your network. Also, please check whether the NOLO HOME app and the NOLO HOME windows client are all update to date. 
  • Hey
    I am using Nolo - however the APK is NOT the one uou publish for the European markets i.e. the application launches streaming software for communicating with Steam VR. When I downloaded the UK market version I get a application hub for installing other apps.

    I install NOLO via SteamVR so the software is always the mos uptidate.


  • Hi Craig,

    Thanks for your reply. The NOLO HOME windows client can be downloaded at our official website:
    Yes, you can also download it from SteamVR. 
  • Can you confirm that the APK is the software for streaming games from steamvr to my phone rather than the old home software which only acted as a hub
  • @maxpower Hi, yes. I confirm. May I know where did you download the software which acted as a hub???
  • hey

    Afterreaing something else -could the black border be part of the ALVR prediction function?
  • Hiya.
    The black border is the render window not moving in time with the. HMd.....can this be improved?
  • Hi, I'm not sure what you mean. Can you record a short video about this issue? 
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