Future development

Now I have nolo running in ceiling mode I am totally into room scale however the play area is frustrating as the loss of tracking becomes frustrating once at the edges of the base station.

Is there plans for future to add a second base station? From a business point of view it feels like a good idea since you can up sell existing customers. If this isn't in the pipe line what future products are you considering? I think an inside out tracking kit would be interesting...anything to give a greater room scale experience


  • Hi Maxpower, thanks for your suggestion. I'll pass your message to our dev team. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date. 
  • Surely this is a discussion you guys are having - the appeal of the original NOLO setup is rapidly waning in as much as the complete solutins are dropping in price & will price match nolo one day. Future development is essental fr survial
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