(OSVR HDK2) SteamVR doesn't detect controllers

So I'm running Windows 10 Pro, using an OSVR HDK2. Head tracking is working beautifully, I'm able to move around and it detects height properly. Did take a while to get to this point, as I've been working on it since I backed the NOLO on kickstarter.

The Assistant works great when I use my Samsung GearVR, but I'm hoping to utilize the HDK2 I spent 400 bucks on. Assistant version 1.1.18 (Also seems like the latest available to download, even though I've seen mention of 1.1.19 here on the forums).

Now, even though tracking is going on great, the [R] symbol in SteamVR says it's still "searching", for whatever reason, and my paddles never appear in view. Nor are they referenced in SteamVR, even though they're paired and appear in the Assistant, and work using Riftcat and the GearVR (Though not super accurately. I gotta figure that out.)

I have tried resetting, re-pairing, yadda yadda. I BELIEVE I have an older version of the Assistant, but I can't be sure. Not even sure if the Assistant is going to help me in this case.

Any advice can help. Thank you.
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