Pimax 5K+/CV1 cables interference problem

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So... still couldn't get stable results with the CV1. Awful positionning jitter, stability problems, placement jumping randomly etc.... Seems I have found the problem.. if the USB cable of the headset marker comes too close of the Pimax video cable, things go bad... I can easily reproduce it. I'm using the 4m USB cable that came with the CV1. Problem is that it is impossible to keep those cables really separated, when moving around, they do get close to each other. And I can't make it take a completely different way, having 1 cable is already a pain so 2 separate.. not possible.
Did anyone have this kind of problems? Not sure how to solve this. I've searched already but didn't find 4m micro usb shielded cables, and not even sure this would solve it.


  • It seems that the headset tracker can be connected to the Pimax USB-C port, so I've ordered a short cable to do this. If it works, this should solve the problem. To be continued.
  • Err.... I had some vague memory, just checked the CV1 box that I had stored and there is a 20cm cable like this supplied with the CV1. I replaced the 4m cable with this one plugged into the 5K+ USB-C port and.. it works!  So problem should be solved.
  • @Crrispy
    Thanks for your update.  ;)
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