The old github page and Nolo Assistant

Please update or remove the links from the old github page that point to the download for the Nolo Assistant. Users are installing the old Nolo Assistant which causes further issues as it forces drivers into steamvr that need to be manually removed.

I recommend just changing the link and text to point directly to the Nolo Home instead for convenience of people already finding the github page.


  • @Observer
    Hi, thanks for your suggestion. Normally, users will download the NOLO HOME from our website But I'll forward your message to the team. 
  • @admin,
    Yea, I dont know exactly where the fault lies in setup but I still have to deal with at least one person a week who installs the Nolo Assistant instead of the Home. I only caught the github page because I was told by a user that is where they downloaded it from.

    I'm trying to reduce the amount of ways someone could accidentally still get the Assistant as it should really no longer be available to download. Or for any existing links it might be worth just redirecting them to the nolo home to avoid confusion.

    I would much rather a user come in asking if they should install the Home compared to having them uninstall the Assistant, fix the steamvr drivers, then install the Home. Less steps and makes the setup process easier.
  • If you were curious as to why it breaks steamvr and causing me support headaches. Uninstalling the Assistant does not remove the nolo drivers from steamvr. This breaks all vr setups because it forces trackers that don't exist to be present in the steamvr device list. 
  • @Observer
    Hi, I understand. I'll try to figure out all the download link for the NOLO Assistant and cut them off. Please also help to ask if there's someone install NOLO Assistant where do they download it. 
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