pimax 4k help

Hey! I am having an issue with having the Pimax 4k getting 4 controllers reading when I open steamvr, was told to:

 "Please input “%localappdata% in any of your folder, then press Enter.

Find openvr folder, then enter it.

Open “openvrpaths.vrpath” file with notepad." 

I don't know what they mean put that line in any of my folder.... is that supposed to go into a notepad file or something? and I can't find openvrpaths.vrpath file anywhere..... Does this resonate with anyone? Anyone know what nolo is talking about? and for that matter has anyone had this same issue and fixed it and can tell me how to do so?

Thank you!!


  • @shankin_panda
    Hi, thanks for your message. We also received your email and replied to you.
    Here's a way to find the openvrpaths.vrpath file.
    In any of your folder, please enter %localappdata% in the address bar, then press enter. It will take you to the Local folder.

    In my computer, is: C:\Users\Nolo\AppData\Local
    Then, you can find out the openvr folder.

    Enter the openvr folder, you will find the openvrpaths.vrpath file.

    Open it with your Notepad.
    Delete the following two lines which marked by red. 

    Then save the file. 
    Now you can try again with the Pitool. Please make sure do not run NOLO HOME together. 

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