Nolo Controller Touchpad Replacement Parts

As title follows, is there any chance of buying replacement parts for the controllers? as the ribbon cables in both of mine have bit the dust and make them flash hardware error, otherwise they both are in great working condition. If not is there any alternatives? Thanks in regards.


  • Yes i am also interested in obtaining replacement Touchpads for the same reason. i was experincing an issue where I was moving in one direction or snap turning constantly without my input. One of the ribbons from the touchpad was creased and partially broken.I would just buy another controller except you cant just purchase a single controller. Id rather not have to purchase a whole new Nolo CV1 just to replace a controller. If possible, could i buy a replacement touchpad or single controller? Also, seeing that this is clearly a manufactuer defect due to the low quality of materials used for the touchpad, wouldnt this issue be covered under the products warranty?
  • Well its been 3 weeks and still no response from @admin at Nolo Support.  All i want to do is get another controller or a replacement touchpad with the ribbon intact. thanks

  • @bobby_ratchet
    Hi, we may miss your message. Did you send us an email to 
    For the hardware issue, we don't recommend users to fix by themselves as they may break the device. 
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