NOLO Development Schedule (update monthly) 2020

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Starting May 2018, we'll be sharing our development schedule and updating here on a monthly basis, covering major aspects that our development team is focusing on in the specific month. You may check out the detailed listing accordingly and feel free to send us any comments and thoughts!  


NOLO Development Schedule for December 2020
Working on:
  1. NOLO HOME will be compatible with certain Intel integrated graphics cards.
  2. Adds a prompt reminder when the user does not start SteamVR through NOLO HOME. Reminding the user to launch SteamVR from NOLO HOME.
  3. After connecting the NOLO Headset Marker, determines whether the user has turned on the Base Station and Controllers. If not, remind the user to turn on the relevant device.

NOLO Development Schedule for October 2020
Working on:

1. Rollout the latest firmware which optimized the positioning effect when the NOLO device is blocked by other objects.
2. Optimize to reduce the latency of the wireless streaming function.
3. Update the NOLO Cinema -- supports more films with encoded audio and video format.


NOLO Development Schedule for August 2020
Working on:

1. Optimize the User Guide, making it more convenient to choose the device.
2. Pre-research the requirements for Graphics Cards and seek solutions to support more Graphics Cards.
3. Analyze MediaTek's mobile phone chips and try to expand the support of mobile phone chips.
4. Optimize the pop-up windows of the NOLO device opening status in the NOLO HOME app to optimize the user experience.
5. Solve some known issues.


NOLO Development Schedule for July 2020
Working on:

1. Solve the problem of individual NOLO X1 screen jumps.
2. Solve the problem that NOLO X1 cannot connect some Bluetooth headsets.
3. Solve the mosaic and freezing problems of NOLO X1 streaming SteamVR.
4. Optimize the connection function of NOLO HOME.
5. Optimize the firmware updating process of NOLO CV1 Pro: Update the firmware of other devices through the headset marker.
6. Launch NOLO HOME app firmware update function.
7. Optimize the code rate for a better streaming experience. 


NOLO Development Schedule for May 2020
Working on: 
  1. Adding the function of setting the original position of SteamVR.
  2. Optimizing the battery level display of NOLO interactive devices.

NOLO Development Schedule for April 2020
Working on: 

  1. Optimizing UI of NOLO HOME Windows client
  2. Bug fixing the red screen issue while streaming VR Glass
  3. Adding chaperone function - Warning users if they're getting too close to the base station
  4. Developing the adaptive bit-rate function


NOLO Development Schedule for March 2020

Working on: 

  1. Developing the game video recording tool for NOLO HOME
  2. Developing the dynamic bit rate adjustment function
  3. Optimizing UI interface and user guide
  4. Close range reminder--While the user is getting close to the base station, the SteamVR chaperone will remind you.

NOLO Development Schedule for February 2020 
Working on:
Compatible with HUAWEI VR Glass to play SteamVR games wirelessly

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