NOLO HOME 1.18.20 released!!!

edited August 2020 in General
1. Optimized UI of NOLO HOME windows client
2. Greatly improve the fluency of wireless streaming in a poor network environment.
3. Added chaperone function to warn users if they're getting too close to the base station.
4. Bug fixed the red screen issue while wired streaming HUAWEI VR Glass
5. Optimized the user guide


  • After this update, when I set up to use the base on the ceiling, the proximity message stays on the screen and even if I move farther away it doesn't disappear, is there a way to disable the proximity message?
  • @zaca11
    Hi, thanks for your message. May I know if there's a QR code on the back of your NOLO device?
  • Hello, behind the base only has the FCC ID, no QR code
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