Bace station motor is not working

my bace station's virtical motor is not woking, only horizonal motor runs when power is on.

is there any way to fixit?


  • i disassembled and try to connect virtical motor to horizonal motor connector and it also not working so it seems virtical motor is dead. so what i need is fix a motor or replace it to work correct again
  • @YukiK
    Hi, thanks for your message. We don't recommend the user to disassemble the device themselves. It may damage the device. Could you let us know if the front two lights from the panel light up? Also, what's the LED light of the top indicator? 
  • that's how I had it.
    I put the motor from the donor
  • I dare say that the base stations are very unreliable, the motors regularly fail after one two years.
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