Half life 2 doesn't work


I'm trying to play Half life 2 in VR but when I activate the VR option it closes, does anyone know how to fix this error? all games are working normally, even Half life Alyx works normally.


  • there is a VR option with half life 2??? since when????
  • It has been around for a long time, including for episodes 1 and 2, using Riftcat it works normally (but the controls don't work and the image looks bad)
  • Personally, I quickly got tired of this game, the plot is not so interesting and the tasks are repeated constantly. I saw on the news that they got something wrong with the license. And I like to play official online games like sizzling hot online and not worry that there may be problems with the license. I advise you to just try it.
  • There are practically no differences, it's like there is no difference between xbox and playstation, just different versions exist, you can read more on this topic right here, but in general the question is good, but apparently no one knows the exact answer.
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