Beat Saber issues with Vibration on controllers


I just got nolo CV1, and installed beat saber for the first time on PC, clean install of windows and all, and when I play in game play no vibration in levels.

When I play Half life Alyx no issues, vibration works.

I recommend that Nolo please fix there software there is obviously a bug.


  • @pkerry12
    Hi, thanks for your message. We may recommend you uninstall Beat Saber, and then download it again. 
  • edited April 2020
    already done this made no difference. I even reinstalled windows and did a clean install with this, then reinstalled it 3 times before I realized that doesn't do anything to fix the issue. its a clean install of beat saber no dlcs not mods its out of the box as it comes.
  • any other ideas????
  • Are you guys going to submit the issue to development its definitely an issue with your noloserver.exe software.
  • FYI I use the lastest verison of iVRy. with the laster nolo firmware.
  • @pkerry12
    If you're using iVRy, we cannot fix the problem. It's not our software. You can try to use NOLO HOME as the streaming software to play steamVR games by PSVR. 
  • removing iVRY and installing Nolo Home fixed my issues. thanks.
  • @pkerry12
    Hi, thanks for your update. 
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