LIV mixed reality LAG issue with Nolo home

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When I use Nolo Home its very difficult to install the LIV app driver in order to use it, it requires steam VR to be restart and then the PSVR then shows no image.

It takes a lot of restarts and messing with nolo home to make it work.

Once it is working the game like beat saber again lags so badly its almost unplayable.

When I run iVRY with my psvr and nolo I don't have these issues. But with Nolo Home I do.

Are you able to tell me why your nolo home application is hard to setup  with LIV?


  • @pkerry12
    Hi, thanks for your message.
    We're also using LIV for recording MR video. But from our side, there's no problem. Are you start the LIV and NOLO HOME with the correct order? 
    1. Use NOLO HOME to start the streaming service.
    2. Start LIV and install the driver
    3. LIV will ask you to restart the SteamVR, follow the instruction to restart
    4. Then you should able to restart SteamVR and record the video normally. 
  • edited May 2020
    Tried that the headset shows no picture when on. After the last part
  • @pkerry12
    During the setup, did the headset always on? If not, please try to stick a little paper on the sensor between two eyes. It will stop the screen shut down. 
  • yep I know its the only way to make it work now is to keep the headset on constantly.
  • @pkerry12
    Do you mean that after step 4, when you put on the headset, there's no picture in the headset? or do you mean if you keep the headset on, the picture will be shown? 
  • yes sometimes, doesn't always happen but it usually takes as few tries to getting LIV and the headset to work at once.
  • @pkerry12
    As you mentioned sometimes it will happen, so sometimes it works, right?
  • yeah 50% of the time it works.
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