Slow-motion head tracking

Met with such a problem, the movement of the head is greatly slowed down when turning left and right. Moreover, this is noticed even without connecting THE halo helmet sensor, and it is in the program nolo home, in trinidad and ivory that the head movements are normal, but the controllers do not see through them.When first connecting and configuring everything was fine, but after charging the nolo, this problem appeared. The feeling that the phone intercepts the control of the head to the left and right, and everything else is fixed by the nolo sensor.
Drivers and programs of the latest version. Honor 9 lite smartphone. How can I solve this problem?


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    I was able to solve this problem like this: turn on another program (iVRy, Trinius, etc.), when the phone starts tracking the head, turn on NOLO Home in phone (or connect the head sensor to the phone), that's it, your phone is tracked properly, and the nolo kit works too.
  • Hi SrPomidoro, thanks for your message and your solution. May I know when you encounter the slow-motion problem, are you connecting the headset marker to your mobile phone via OTG cable or USB cable? 
  • It occurs when I just run Nolo home on my phone, none of the cables affect it.
  • @SrPomidoro
    Hi, thanks for your reply. Are you using a 5GHz Router for the streaming? 
  • @SrPomidoro
    Hi, 2.4GHZ is too slow for the streaming service. Please try a router with 5GHz.
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