Turning on steamvr and turns off all NOLO CV1 need help

i update all gear and nolo home app(Computer/PHONE) too. they all have latest version. and i check all connect show nolo home app(Computer)

but phone app show "NOLO CV1 NOT DETECTED" and "NO IP ADRESS."
its weird because i already connect same router 5Ghz. 

if i turn on nolo home(phone) and connect wireless steam vr, then all gear suddenly show disconnect nolo home(Computer).

it cant show battery, version anything.
but if i turn off all program and restart Nolo home app(Computer) then show me all connect.

still phone app doesnt connect and detected.

i use GEAR VR and Galaxy S9+ and use NOLO CV1 latest version all pirmware.
i want this fix situation.  i already reinstall 5time but nothing changed.


  • @esse521
    Hi, may I know if you're using the NOLO HOME app or NOLO HOME standalone version on your S9? For GearVR and Oculus Go users, they will need to obtain an Oculus Key and activate the key to obtain the standalone version of NOLO HOME. 
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