Nolo controller out of sync when smashing a bit more

Hi, I recorded Youtube video here on how to reproduce:

First part of the video is what you show on the screen. Second part of the video is what I did.

When you smash a little bit more with Nolo CV1, it will move behind your body and not go back. 

The tracking will be lost only for around 100-200ms. Then it is already in the view again. But it takes 2 seconds for your base station to correct the position. That is the problem. So even Beat Saber is not playable when you want to smash with your sword more. The same happens when smashing to the sides.

Is there any solution how to fix this? You say this solution has 120 Hz refresh rate, but it cannot take so long to start tracking the controller after loosing it's position. When I cover your HMD tracker with hand, it regains position fast. The problem is only with controllers, perhaps because the movement of gyro is also fast?

Possible solutions:
1) fix the reset timer instantly after loosing tracking of controllers - not with 2s delay or longer

2) provide a help how to fix this, for example placing the base station above the player to support Beat Saber and other VR fitness apps

Best regards.
Lukas Satin


  • I tested this issue more and the controller will not resynchronise with when spotted by the base station. It will resynchronise only when spotted by Nolo head tracker.

    So if I look with my HMD on the controller, it will update its position.

    This was just my brief observation. Is that correct?
  • I take it back, it does not help. Even slowly moving the controller over the neck will cause it and then it takes even one minute to correctly track position again! Sometimes the controller stays behind me while the other is still in correct position.

    In this situation double pressing the home button for calibration will not work and the room will just rotate 180 degrees with controllers fighting for the right angle.

    I am trying different things daily and I'm very disappointed by low quality and high drift of this solution. I can move in the room, so the position tracking works correctly and should fix the drift of gyro+accelerometer+digital compas (IMU motion sensor). But this solution is not stable either.
  • And yes I did calibrate everything (room, controllers, hmd), yes everything is fully charged.
  • Base station firmware: 3.2.0 (battery 80%), headset marker firmware: 1.4.0. It was updated two weeks ago and it was brand new in the box.
  • @cyberluke
    Hi, we received your emails. I would like to book a remote session or instant messaging way to help you. From the video, we didn't figure out the problem. And for the home button, do you mean the Menu Button or the Power button? If you double click the Menu button (the top one), it's the One-click to turn around function. I'll write you another email.
  • Solved with new NoloVR hardware. Mine was probably one of the first batch and even it was new and sealed, it was faulty.
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