NoloVR CV1 Pro HMD position not updated in iVRy

Hi, can you please update your SDK: ?

You have updated a lot of files including Nolo_Device.dll in your latest Nolo Home 1.20 as well as new firmware.

iVRy is using Nolo_Device.dll in NoloServer.exe, but with CV1 Pro it outputs:
NoloServer Start!
Init ZMQContext OK!
Add Interface VID:28E9 DevPID:0302
Add Interface VID:28E9 DevPID:0302
Add Interface VID:28E9 DevPID:0302
╩╟╖±╞⌠╙├ Air ═╖┐°:0

With your Nolo_Device.dll, it outputs correctly:
NoloServer Start!
Using App Debug:0
Add Interface VID:28E9 DevPID:0302 Handle:000003A4
Add Interface VID:28E9 DevPID:0302 Handle:000003B4
Add Interface VID:28E9 DevPID:0302 Handle:000003BC
Write Handle is 000003BC
First Frame DevodeData69V1 eCv1ProHead

But the positioning is not working either. Only when using Nolo Home. Original Nolo CV1 works in both. Nolo Pro works only in Nolo Home. This issue is only with HMD. Controllers works everywhere (Pro and non-Pro)


  • DO NOT mix and match Nolo SDK files. The version of the Nolo SDK files supplied with iVRy has been tested with both Nolo CV1 and Nolo CV1 Pro, and does not have any known issues. Nolo can address the cosmetic issue in the NoloServer output, however that window is hidden when using it with the iVRy driver.
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