Nolo 90% Aggravation 5% Expectation...5% head scratching!

Is this a good business model? Is this what you want your customers saying about your product?If the answer is NO then PLEASE sort it out!


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    Hi, is there anything we could help you with?  
  • @admin

    Forgive me, I was venting. As much as I enjoy Nolo as both a concept and the product itself, it can be rather infuriating trying to 1. Update Firmware and 2. Update software (PiTool) to discover your kit is no longer responsive when everything was fine before said above updates.

    I am currently in conversation with your team re: Firmware Session to disable Auto-shutdown after having updated the Firmware...Do you see what I mean?

    I am unable to run Nolo with the latest PiTool software but was able to activate Nolo Visualizer hoever, HMD remained blank at all times when running Nolo Home - which Incidentally, was downloaded so that I might update firmware.

    Rolled back to PiTool and everything is working again. Do I now have to uninstall Nolo Home in order to be able to run Nolo alongside PiTool latest


  • @siege
    Hi, thanks for your update.
    For Piamx users, you don't need to use NOLO HOME when you are using Pitool. You only use NOLO HOME to update firmware or other functions in the NOLO HOME. So you don't need to uninstall NOLO HOME. But please make sure that you don't run NOLO HOME and pitool at the same time. 
  • @admin

    Even with Nolo Home installed yet, not runnig, HMD is blank. Do I need to uninstall YOUR software in order to make this work?
  • Hi, thanks for your reply. Please uninstall NOLO HOME. 
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