Tracking - Not working, i see the controller but not moving

Hello there,

so i got an issue, with tracking

my system is Piamx 4k

In real life my controlleur and my heaset is green

in the 3D world no way to get my headset and controlleur tracking

how fix this problem please


  • Hello there,


    i reinstall all my computeur from Scratch

    - Install frech Windows 10 with nothing on it
    - Install steam
    - Install my driver for my Graphics card
    - instlal Pitools 1.0.264

    and no tracking

    the pitools detect my nolo and the controlleur
    but when i go on the 3D no tracking from my headset or my controlelur


    how debug please
    can u help me thanks all
  • So i installed the nolo Hom and i try the visualisation things

    and nothings move it

    my controlleur and heaset are greeen led
    my base station si red and vibrating

    so please help to make it works
  • @Pimax_fr
    Hi, thanks for your message. Could you try to use pitool1.0.1.264?
    Also, may I know if the led of the base statoin is solid green or solid red?
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