Tethered Phone VR still in Development? + other issues

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I want to have more than 4 hours of playtime, which will be available if I can just connect the headset marker to the PC, and have a tethered Phone PCVR experience. The headset marker can connect to the PC and detect everything through Nolo Home's Visualizer with ease. In my experience, Vridge has proved that charging the phone while using it as a tethered PCVR headset works flawlessly. Why isn't this a thing yet with Nolo? Please, devs.

I also have had other weird issues:

The base station would randomly turn its infrared off, so I need to go to it and shake it. Then the other sensors would stop for a moment, and it'll work as normal after that. I would need to do this with almost every VR session.

Repeated connect/disconnects of the Nolo Home with my laptop would corrupt the headset marker's firmware, and I would need to re-flash its firmware (AND re-pair everything). It's such a hassle. It connect/disconnects because of my unreliable 5Ghz WiFi.

After a few weeks, the tracker and controllers would jitter around, making me nauseous. The solution right now is to redo the SteamVR Room Setup, but that would get very tedious very fast if I have to do it 'once every few weeks'.

If the devs have any solution to these issues, I would definitely be glad to recieve them. Thank you for your support.

Notes: everything is updated, including the devices' firmware, Nolo Home (PC V1.21.7, Mobile V1.5.051), and drivers.
Windows 10 Pro, build 20H2 (October 2020 Update).
Nolo CV1 Pro CMIIT ID: 2019DP8792
Phone: Essential PH-1 on Android 10
Laptop specs: i7-8750H with GTX 1050Ti Max-Q 4GB, 16GB RAM


  • @Quayledant
    Hi, Thanks for your message and detailed explanation. Could you also provide us the serial number of your NOLO CV1 which shows on the product box starts with LY words?
  • @admin ;
    I apologize, but I don't see any number that starts with LY words on the box. I can only read "Nolo VR", "CV1 PRO", and a few numbers:

    There's also the barcode numbers
    6 972557 690017

    I hope that the information provided could help you.
  • @Quayledant
    Hi, thanks for your reply. I understand your device is the NOLO CV1 Pro.
    May I know if you place the base station on the edge of a stable surface? Could you try to place it in another place to check if the same issue still happens? Also, could you help to record a short video and send it to support@nolovr.com? 
  • @admin
    Ah, that could be the problem! I have always placed the base station on an unstable surface. I'm going to try using it on a stable surface, but there's another problem. My WiFi is shutting down on random occassions. I will replace it in the coming months and will get back to you after I can test out the Nolo without problematic WiFi.
  • @Quayledant
    Hi, thanks for your reply. If you have any questions, you're also welcome to email us at support@nolovr.com. Please note: the Base Station has to be placed on a stable surface for working. 
  • @admin
    I have changed my WiFi to Cisco Meraki, so it shouldn't have any issues regarding the connection. As of now, I have realized that the data cable provided by Nolo is faulty just two months after usage. If I wiggle the USB C end of the cable, the headset marker LED would flicker and restart the connection with the Base Station.

    Because of that, I purchased a replacement cable for it (a 15cm Micro USB to Type C data cable). But, the cable is reportedly used only for drones, so it doesn't work as a general data cable. Do you have any recommendations on purchasing a Micro USB to Type C data cable, preferably on AliExpress?

    After moving the Base Station to a stable surface, I can confirm that it doesn't have the issue of jittering anymore. But then another problem comes to light. It seems that the controllers would slightly rotate every few minutes. For example, in Beat Saber, I have to re-center the controllers. I have made sure that the controllers are always in sight of the Base Station. It's also annoying in VRChat as my hands would be either on my left/right side, even though my hands in reality are in front of me.

    Do you also have any statements regarding the title of this thread? I would love it if I can just plug my phone and the headset marker directly to my laptop and get unlimited playtime.

    Thank you for your cooperation.
  • @Quayledant Hi, thanks for your reply. 
    Currently, NOLO HOME only supports the streaming function wirelessly. For the cable, it just a normally Micro-USB cable. (Do you mean that you bought a Type C cable so it cannot be used? ) 
    Could you please check if you update the firmware of all NOLO devices to the latest version? 
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    @admin Sorry, I meant the Type-C OTG cable provided in the box. I used that for connecting the phone to the headset marker, as my phone has a Type-C port. That cable seems to be broken as the connection turns on and off sometimes. That's why I wanted to look for a replacement cable. Do you have any recommendations on purchasing a similar short (10-20cm) Micro USB to Type C data/OTG cable?

    I have checked the headset marker, base station, and the two controllers on the Firmware updater of the NOLO Configuration Tool. All of them shows that they have the latest version available. The headset marker have been "erasing" its firmware multiple times over the course of owning the device. On the configuration tool it displays "Unknown" and I just need to click "Update". I have a suspicion that the faulty OTG cable is the cause.

    Thank you for the reply!
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