Nolo CV1 Pro Base Station Tilt

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First of all I'm using Nolo CV1 Pro for full-body tracking. 2 controllers to my feet, and the head tracker to my waist.

I'm planning to tilt my Nolo CV1 Pro base station. This image is the comparison between current situation and the plan.

My VRC friend, who're also using Nolo CV1 Pro for full body tracking, says tilting the base station makes the tracking better and more stable when I do some special action.
So I've made a plan that I can achieve more better stability when I'm sitting / lying down, and also increases tracking area below the desk.

The problem is, I saw that the Nolo CV1 Pro Base station supports tilt, so I thought this could work. But when I received CV1, Driver4VR, and tested on VRChat, it didn't work as intended.

It's fine when I'm standing, not doing any stuffs. Then the problem arise when I move my whole body. The tracker goes down when I move to front, and goes up when I move to back.

So is there any fix to enable tilting and make my plan possible? or just give up and keep using current setup?


  • The NOLO Basestation does not support tilt. It has to be looking straight forward. Otherwise, like you mentioned, you will have some misalignments in your playspace. Because the the basestation dictates how the playspace is aligned.

    Driver4VR Manual calibration sadly only supports Z rotation, no X an Y rotation possible. So you cant fix your Basestation tilt. Maybe 5 Point calibration does but i doubt. Maybe "Controller Rotation/Offset" can help to align each controller individually, but that just screams pain.

    I recommend placing your Basestation in a corner of your room slightly higher than your head height. The Basestation FoV is quite good and in my scenario i only had a blind spot 1-1.5m in front of the Basestation at above head height.
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