NOLO Forum Rules

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NOLO Forum Rules

0. First and foremost, don't be a jerk.
You know when you're being one, so don't do it.

1. Absolutely no racism or sexism. No tolerance.
We will not tolerate any sort of discrimination or hate-speech.

2. You must remain respectful of other members, moderators and admins at all times.
Although civil debate is acceptable, please be respectful of others while you do so.
This means you may not call people names or otherwise make personal attacks on another member.

3. No trolling, inflammatory threads, or flame wars.
Please do not make posts or start threads when you know it will anger or insult others and spark a heated debate.
Even if you are not the original poster, please do not add fire to the flame by responding.
If you'd like to discuss a controversial topic in a controlled and civil manner, you may do so. For those unable to, there will be consequences.

4. No posting of "obscene" links, images, or videos.
Although we will allow discussion of adult topics, we ask that people do not post or link to obscene material.
NSFW topics directly related to NOLO or VR are OK, but you must tag links with "[NSFW]", and do not embed directly in the forum.

5. No religious, political, ideological, scientific or socioeconomic debate.
This forum is for talk about NOLO products and virtual reality.
If you would like to have an ideological debate, find another forum.

6. Do not cross-post the same message into multiple threads or sub-forums.
If you have a question or comment, please post one thread only in the appropriate forum.

7. Do not create multiple accounts.
These will be banned and deleted without appeal.

8. No posting or linking to pirated or illegal content.
Discussion of piracy is fine, but linking to or uploading any pirated material is strictly disallowed.

9. Keep threads on-topic.
Do not post irrelevant messages in topics. If you'd like to discuss something other than the topic with another member or members, either discuss it through PM's or make a new thread in the appropriate forum. Don't derail threads.

10. Do not create spam, off-topic, or nonsense discussion threads.
Do not post spam, off-topic, or nonsensical discussion threads. This includes advertisement spam, or simply topics that are not relevant to virtual reality or NOLO products. This can also include topics created in the wrong section.

11. DO NOT reply to spam topics.
It makes it more difficult to clean up spam because we have to go through and manually delete the topics if there are replies to it. Please DO report them, but do not reply.

12. Selling merchandise is not allowed.
Please do not attempt to sell your used NOLO, or any other products, on the forum.

Warning System

Breaking any of these rules can earn you a warning or possibly two, depending on the severity.

First Warning - Just a warning.
Second Warning - Account limited for one week.
Third Warning - Account limited for two weeks.
Fourth Warning - Permanently banned. Any accounts made after this will also be banned.

NOLO Moderators reserve the right to delete posts or threads, and potentially ban members, at their discretion.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send me a private message, or one of the Volunteer Moderators. Thanks.
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