Problems with throwing items

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I tried several games now, but in every experience I can't seem to throw items very well. The best approach I managed to find is an underhand throw. I have to move my arm slowly while I let go of the trigger. If I move my arm too fast the item I hold will simply drop straight down. In Rec Room I can't even throw a dart.

I wonder if this is related to the hardware. It possibly is not sampling the tracking with quite as a high a resolution as the Vive. So if you move too fast the seperate positions are not recognised as a fluent movement and objects don't get any momentum. I don't know, I'm just making stuff up now.

Anyone else with throwing problems?


  • Same experience. It is better to play shooting game with nolo.
  • Sadly looking down the sight of a gun can result in occlusion. Also my controllers are a bit jumpy, which makes precise aiming hard.
  • YEAH i cant throw shit
  • Solved my controller jumpiness by re-pairing everything. Maybe it's a good idea to do that when you reposition the base station? No idea how or why this helped but it did.

    Still throwing does not work at all :p
  • We had the throwing problem in an old version of our driver but we fixed it. Please try to uninstall the old NOLO driver completely in control panel and install the newest version.

    Apologies for the inconvinience caused.
  • As far as the occlusion issue with shooters, you've gotta try the base station on the ceiling.  My ceiling isn't all that high, but it works so much better for shooters because it doesn't block your head every time you try to aim, and it's so nice not having to worry about where you're looking.  Still gotta watch out for those cables tho, lol

    I was also experiencing jumpiness a little, I'll have to repair too! (I've moved my base station from desk to ceiling)

    With throwing, I'm on the latest driver, and I 'can' throw stuff, but it is not at all easy or fluid.  Like, if there was a game where throwing was required I would lose, lol.  (It also is tricky to time release with that little bit of latency through Riftcat.  Still, it shouldn't be that hard you would think)
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    ghostmij17 i think phone vr will have more lag then a Vrheadset. i think in the future vr phone they should add a mini HDMI on them that transmit better from computer 

    Usb cable will more delay 

  • @Jazneo That is absolutely true, but I wasn't referring to that as a problem really; Riftcat does a pretty good job for what it is, but currently whether you go wireless or USB, you do get that noticeable bit of latency that isn't a killer, but would be nice if it weren't there
  • Same issue happens to me, cant throw items in Arizona Sunshine
  • Can't throw anything. The updated driver doesn't fix a dam thing. Hand placement is all screwed up.
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