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Frequently Asked Questions

For Kickstarter Backers

Q: Does NOLO work for any other headset aside from the mobile VR headsets?
Our NOLO system is optimized for Mobile VR, but we do support other headsets. Including but not limited to OSVR (PCVR), Pimax (PCVR) and the majority of all-in-one (standalone headsets) that are powered by NibiruOS.

Q: Why did you design NOLO with only one base station?
We designed NOLO with one base station for two reasons:

1) Portability and easy setup are important for Mobile VR users. Having one base station which you could put anywhere on a table or a bookshelf in front of you and start playing right away is the more ideal than having to install two base stations in a certain way.

2) We agree more with Oculus & PSVR’s take on the ideal VR experience settings for average users (front-facing). However, we do understand that many SteamVR games are designed for a 360 degree full tracking with multiple base stations, and occlusion issues sometime interfere with the gaming experiences. We've received many constructive feedbacks from supporters like you requesting the ability to add one or more base stations.

For this Kickstarter campaign, the product we ship won't have an additional base station, but we'll optimize the design for the possibility of adding in the next generation, and try to offer add-ons in the near future :)

Q: Is NOLO compatible with iOS?
For the Mobile VR mode, iOS is completely compatible and we will release an iOS SDK for developers.

For the SteamVR mode, NOLO is compatible with iOS, but RiftCat/VRidge (our partner for streaming the SteamVR games to your smartphone) doesn't currently support iOS devices. They are working on making iOS devices compatible and expect to release this function before the end of 2017. However, the performance may not be as great as Android devices, because many functions are closed from developers on the iOS system.

We are also exploring other options, such as TrinusVR for iOS compatibility.

Q: Isn't Riftcat(VRidge) free? Why are you adding it as part of a perk?
VRidge/RiftCat offers a trial version for free, but it only allows 10 minutes sessions. To get the full version (including future updates), it's currently $14.99, and I do believe that they may increase the price at the near future. We offer a bundled price that provides the VRidge/RiftCat code for only $10 and gives you unlimited access :)

Q: I pledged for a reward without a Riftcat (VRidge) code, but I want a Riftcat code.
Certainly! For those who have already backed a reward, and would like to get 1 Riftcat (VRidge) code, please simply adjust your pledge on Kickstarter and add an additional $10.
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