Made a video of me playing with NOLO VR

There is a sale on Job Simulator and Rick and Morty - Virtual Rick-ality, so I used Virtual Rick-ality to test the NOLO VR while recording it. In the Steam VR Facebook group, people seem more than sceptical about NOLO VR which is probably the main reason I made this video.

I wanted to use my webcam as well, but for some reason my Logitech webcam adds a lot of noise to my speakers when I use it, as soon as it starts recording something.


  • Looks like it works well! Did you use the ceiling mount?
  • I used velcro to make it into a ceiling mount :) Seems like the easiest and probably cheapest way to make it into a ceiling mount... of course now I have velcro on my ceiling and it might never come off... and this is an apartment. It probably needs to be pained before I move anyway though :D 

  • Made a second video, this time I am using a webcam as well.

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    Good! I recommend you to use cable ties or similar to protect the USB ports on the head tracker and phone (and why not also protect the USB ports on your computer).
  • If negative people tried to use nolo vr correctly, they would have liked it very much.
  • Maybe they are upset that Nolo was not around when they bought their hardware. :)
  • What is cable tiers?

    Yes, I also somewhat suspect they feel they spent too much on their VR now... but not sure. One of the ones complaining has both Rift with touch and HTC Vive... money cannot be a big issue when you just get both. So in this case it might be because they just want to have VR stay exclusive so its not something most people can do.
  • This looks very nice, like it has no delay at all. Did you sync your webcam and game footage to sync up or is it really that nice for you? I guess I will have to optimize my connection settings, I get very noticable delay that makes fast movements feel unnatural.
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    @Caldor: Cable ties look like this:

  • Ahh, yes. Problem is I am likely to use the same cables for other things. Also at least one cable would probably just pull itself out first since its more than one cable extender put together.

    I just noticed a lot of noise on both my videos. When I wear headphones I can hear it as well, and it does not seem to come from a microphone. Sucks... I have to find a solution I think. Had to play it on my phone to be able to hear it, seems it is otherwise cancelled out by my computers fans.
  • Found a solution to the static noise problem. It was an audio in port somewhere that I did not even use.
  • Made a new video, this time without all the noise there was in the two first videos... sucks I did not notice that sooner.

    Showing some of the Steam Home stuff in this one as well. Tried to run Google Earth VR at the end, but then my phone began restarting the VRidge stream, and when that first happens it keeps happening until I restart VRidge, NOLO and Riftcat... might even have to restart more than that, before the phone will stop reconnecting to VRidge.
  • Made a new video. This time I am playing The Lab, Pavlov and Vanishing Realms:
  • Btw... I am pretty noob at Pavlov
  • Another video, just playing The Lab

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