Superhot vr

Hello, has anyone played superhot vr with nolo with the base station in front? I've seen Daley Tech try it a little bit with the ceiling mount, but I don't have high enough ceilings and was wondering if it's fun/playable with the normal base station setup?


  • Yes, playable. But it is not so easy to throw something.
  • devinc13: You could also sit on a chair with wheels and that way get more distance to the ceiling.
  • If the ceiling is low, It is also good to play with one knee bent.
  • Great! Thanks guys!
  • Just tried it out! Lots of fun, the 180 degree turn works quite well!
  • devinc13: I also find the 180 degree turn very useful. :)
  • 180 degree turn did not work at all for me in Superhot VR.

  • My controllers do the 180 turn but not my headset ... 
  • yeah that#s what I got in this game as well, just the controllers spin around.
  • Are you guys double clicking the power button or the one above it? One recenters the controllers and the other does the 180 turn!
  • edited July 2017
    Application Menu button.  Mine has stopped working at all recently (in the 0.6.0 update).  I never really like it anyway.. but it is noticeably that it is missing for me.
  • @devinc13  yes I know, and yes I am pressing the correct button for 180 turn. Only the controllers turn when I do it.

  • Yeah, I fear my ceiling might also be too low... I am also considering placing it as not a ceiling mount to see if it would help with stuff like throwing things.

    I think the 180 degree turn thing has been a problem for me. I sometimes press a button by mistake, and I have noticed the controllers suddenly being at a wrong place even though tracked correctly.
  • I actually just got superhot vr. I find it is easier to throw things in superhot than in Rick and Morty rick-ality. i use more of a flick motion. I've actually realized that sometimes, after you grab the pyramid, you reappear nearby and I've actually thrown a gun to myself before. it was awesome. my base is on the ceiling
  • Yeah, Rick and Morty does seem to have more of an issue with throwing things, than some other games. I will probably get Superhot next time its on sale... I loved the regular desktop version. Yes, throwing a gun to yourself is actually pretty important later on.
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