Perfect! Play games with 360 degree position tracking on front facing - Raw Data

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using nolo driver for windows 0.7

It's cooler than playing on a ceiling mount before it's updated.

I can't say 100% perfect, but it's very satisfactory. I didn't feel uncomfortable playing games.


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    Looking good~!
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     @shoryahn My pleasure.
  • Thanks very much for sharing these videos! :smiley:
  •  @bigelowed It's my pleasure ;)
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    How about your base station height and your distance?
    My room is very small......

    I put my base station on bookcase around 190cm height.
    I need a distance of 160cm to normal tracking,
    Too close will appear controller tracking jitter
  • @smallrice45 height 230cm and distance 180cm. I try to maintain a distance of at least 130cm from the base station because the tracking quality gets worse when the distance gets closer.
  • @VRMan ;
    Thank you for your information.
    I try to go farther away.
  • How did you get it 360 and front-facing?
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    In the 0.7 ver, the controller stops in place when it is covered by my body. However, it is very rare for a controller to stay at one point for a long time while playing a game. Therefore, it is not a big problem that the controller is covered by my body.

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    What game is this? Looks fun to try
    Edit: nvm its "Raw Data"
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