HMD recognizded as Base Station with Orange LED

Hi folks,
so i used the NOLO_Base_Repair_EN because of some issues i was having with the controller and the base unit. However, now the HMD has Orange LED, Controllers can be paired with base but show up as not connected in NOLO app. 
any help would be appreciated.


  • Did you have the HMD connnected to the PC instead of the base station? It's meant to be the base station connected when you use NOLO_Base_Repair_EN I think :(

  • saw that warning and that made me DOUBLE check to ensure the HMD was not even connected to anything before using the software.
  • Ah that's good to know, and you tried to pair the HMD back to the base station (after pairing controllers back first of course) again?
  • yes, i have. Still no go.
  • This product simply doesnt work.

    selling it as a "CV1" or a working product is probably not considered to be truthfull, or legit, or honest in any way.

    not for $200USD.

    I might as well have thrown my money in the garbage......

    I respect the idea and the effort put in to making this thing and making it work, but I do not respect being dishonest about it on the main page and selling it saying its a "CV1" or implying at all in any way shape or form that it works.
  • @VRnaut,

    Sorry for the problem caused.

    Could you please tell us why did you use the base station repair software?
    We will help you restore the headset marker. 

    If you have any problem, please contact
  • @lestysone ;
    Could you please provide us some details of your problem to A few photos or a video would be better. Now NOLO works fine for most users but we do have some problem that we need to fix.

    Thank you.
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    @admin Omg an employee! I've never seen one of those on this forum!! @.@ Lol.
  • @admin ,
    I used it because one controller would not pair consistently. Whenever both controllers would pair they would be facing on the outside when in VR environment, no matter how many times I would readjust them. Additionally, no matter how many times I would do the room adjustment, it would randomly show me as being 'on the floor.'

  • Same here. The controllers paired several times two or three times, but they usually dont.
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    @VRnaut, i manged to pair all.

    Here is the procedure, and it works consistently:

    Have Piplay 1.2.95 installed.

    Power on and connect everything: hmd, base station, head sensor, etc, controllers.

    Close SteamVR.

    1. The base station should have both leds on and vibrating.
    2. On the back of base station, press on pair button until is stops vibrating and leds turn off.
    3. Now the two controller and the head sensor should have red color on their leds. We need to pair all in the same go.
    4. We start with the controllers: press the tiny pair button near left grip until the controller shut down (no light at all on led). Repeat for the second controller. Do not turn on yet.
    5. Move to the head sensor and press the pair button until it blinks once.

    6. Press once on the base station back pair button.

    7. Turn on controllers by pressing once on system button

    8. Do not touch head sensor.

    9. After several seconds (not instantly) all leds should be green.
    10. Open Steam VR. You should see all conected.

    I works beautifuly, i am really impresed by the controllers accuracy.
    A little shatter at head sensor, but we will have to talk with nolo team for that.

    Anyway I can\t play DCS with Nolo because I find myself out of the plane after a while, due to drift.


  • @mirq, thanks for the help but the problem still remains with HMD having orange light and not pairing with base station. HMD is still seen as Base station.
  • i have similar issue. 
    How did you solve it?
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