List games that work without major issues

I'm at the point where my Nolo is mostly working well and i want to purchase some games for it. Can anyone let me know what games they've played without any issues that would spoil the gameplay, either on Vive or revive.. 


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    Revive I've only ever been able to get Lucky's Tale working so far with my NOLO, but it was facing the wrong way and didn't work with my front-facing setup (Driver4VR/WalkinVR couldn't rotate it for me)

    I've enjoyed playing my NOLO in these games on Steam:
    -SUPERHOT VR (throwing is a pain, but you can usually get it on a few tries)
    -Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
    -Pavlov VR
    -Google Tiltbrush
    -Google Blocks
    -Pierhead Arcade
    -Qbike: Cyberpunk Motorcycle

    There have been maybe two or three games that didn't work, entirely due to the touchpad reading a back-and-left movement for some reason (COMPOUND demo I think one was called?)

    I use the front-facing wireless setup in RiftCat plus the Driver4VR/WalkinVR software for 360 degree rotation and roomscale using my controllers.
  • bigelowed  thanks for the list and it's very useful knowing the different setups that people may be using. 
  • To add to bigelowed's list:

    • Job Simulator
    • Audioshield
  • Oops I forgot to also add Space Pirate Trainer works too
  • @Zomby @bigelowed thanks both.. do you know of anyone having positive experiences with Revive and Nolo VR?
  • I was told to try older version 1.1.6 of Revive
  • I've tested fine:
    - Nvidia Fun
    - Passengers: Awakening VR Experience
    - Eagle Flight (don't need actually Nolo)
    - Star Trek: Bridge Crew
  • @bigelowed I tried Pavlov last night, but I had problems with the touchpad.. when i touched it, it would some times move backwards. i think i have read about this problem before. but i was wondering if you also have this problem and if not why would some and not others?
  • @Mrdominic215 i presume it does for @bigelowed too otherwise he wouldn't have mentioned it.. hmm I'll have a play about with it this evening and see if it's something I'm doing.. it could be a problem with my controllers as i already have an existing issue with not having any feed back from my controllers.. 
  • @belly i have had success with pavlov vr. I would suggest redoing the initial calibration in Pavlov.
  • I can  confirm:
    Arizona Sunshine (teleport only, walking has the backwards left movement bug)
    The lab

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