NoloVR developers AWOL again

So, LYRobotix updates their USB-HID SDK, which improves velocity/acceleration reports somewhat (still a bit jittery, but better than previous attempts) without telling anyone (what is that all about?!). But, the new version is broken, so completely unusable. I patiently (wearing thin, because the commitment to quality is sorely lacking in the software for this product) fill out an issue in the Github for their SDK, which gets ignored and nothing gets done to fix the problem.

LYRobotix, get your act together! Seriously, do you have anything more important to do than getting your product working to meet the basic functionality it is supposed to provide?!

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  • I have to agree, progression on the improving the drivers and software does seem a lot slower than I had hoped it would be.

    Communication has become rather lacking after the shipping issues.
    Updates arent even posted on their facebook to let people know new drivers are out, I have to post them when I randomly check and notice on their github.

    I know they are still a small team, but production is done, apart from posting the new set of pre-orders, all they attention should be on software and driver improvements.
  • Sorry for that inconvenience.Our Dev team is working on other issues those days,and now they are working to solve these problems. And, We made a meeting yesterday, and decided to publish messages both on and Github and Facebook.
  • @NOLO_TEAM If only what you said was true...

    Dev team is constantly updating the SDK, no messages anywhere. SDK doesn't work properly. No idea when it will. Super tired and bored of looking all the time to see if the SDK is updated, download it, test it, see that stuff that was working is now broken. Again and again.... :/
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    Personally I'd love if they'd address the firmware bug that corrupts reports... I don't really need the binary drivers.

    As the device itself doesn't report velocity, this firmware bug is what breaks using sequential reports to measure it.
  • @LoneTech One of the yet-to-be-fulfilled promises is that they would update the firmware to provide these values. I expect that whoever developed the firmware has left the building, as I don't see any evidence of the presence of a developer who can do firmware development... At least the USB-HID SDK removes the need for the PC software (and is in essence what your work is doing, except for Windows).
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    @iVRy For the current version of our USB-HID SDK, Nolo will provide velocity and angular velocity only when we release the trigger.
  • @hettylool The latest version does not provide those values whether the trigger is pressed or not. It used to, but that is now broken.

    See this issue:

  • "Now we provide simulation values, and the real value that provided by the hardware is being tested. I will finish testing as soon as possible, but we need to reserve the interface for it, we will not always provide the simulation value."

  • @iVRy  
    Will only provide a short speed and angular speed, to ensure that you can throw things normally
  • Very short time,about 50ms
  • As for the firmware bug that corrupts reports.we have updated our firmware, that will solve the problem of providing different data.
  • @NOLO_TEAM Ok, so how does the user get this firmware update?
  • @hettylool @NOLO_TEAM ; Please answer the question!
  • Just following up on this old thread because I'm currently deciding whether to jump into the Nolo space as a developer or not, and things like this are a concern.  (And it doesn't help that when I tried to send email to, it was rejected as spam, despite not having anything spammy about it.)

    @iVRy, @hettylool, did you ever get your driver/software issues resolved?
  • @jstrout There hasn't been a software or SDK update for some time now. It more or less kinda works on Windows at the moment (if you're happy to put up with beta quality software). It seems development on other platforms has stalled.
  • Thanks for the reply.  That's a shame — it seems like the hardware engineering is good, and as a product it certainly fills a very important need.  But without solid software and strong developer support, it's not going to fly.  :(
  • @jstrout It's really hard to get it to perform as expected with PC titles (combination of hardware and software weaknesses), and doesn't have much software support on the mobile side. If Nolo gets a decent Android SDK it may have some value as a mobile tracking solution.
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