NoloPaint for GearVR and NoloVR. A paint program in 3 dimensions

Hey all,
Just putting this out there for some more nolovr content. It's a simple paint program for playing around with the Nolo in the GearVR.


  • Very cool! Just wanted to let you know that ConstructVR has said they'll be shutting down in the future, might be worth finding another method of distribution later on!

  • Well poop. That seems like the sort of thing they should've had on the website.
    Thanks for the heads up.Don't suppose you're aware of an alternative?
  • I think there is one called Sideload VR? Not sure sorry
  • There is also a paid app that lets you  use Daydream apps on a GearVr called Play Cardboard
  • I have been looking at SideloadVR but went with ConstructVR because that's what I saw VRidge using. Ah well.  :D Thanks.
  • @bigelowed Daydream only work for the S8.... so S6 and S7 can benefit from this method. Also, there is something fishy for my taste... did you try? (s8 + gearvr + daydream app)

    @steelejay Did you try a non gearvr version?
  • @Tux0Topo Play Cardboard also works for regular cardboard apps, I say daydream though because it is what the newer phones will be using.

    I do have S8+ with GearVR and the Play Cardboard app and it works fine (use an Samsung Galaxy S6 Cardboard QR code, should be available on the web and works fine with the 2017 model of the GearVR)
  • Tux0Topo I don't have a daydream phone available but I am working on a cardboard version now... There are few hurdles and some family emergencies at the moment. Either I'll be able to get it out in the next day or it will be another couple of weeks until I have time again to work on it.
  • Now for Cardboard as well. Be sure to read the release notes. There are some issues with the panorama saving.
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