Touch pads become inactive at random times when in use.

The touch pads on my controllers randomly stop responding to input for both the finger position and button pressing. It is fixed by quickly turning the controller off then back on. I checked the nolo visualizer and it showed the same behavior as described above. My controllers worked fine for the first month or two they are no just showing this irritating glitch after about 200 hours of use.
Any idea if this is caused by some sort of troubleshootable problem?
Side note: I think I treated them with great care so I don’t think it is a problem caused by physical damage.


  • Hi @Corei5y

    Would you please send us the order number of purchasing NOLO and the serial number on the product box that starts with letters LY to, thank you. 
  • I'm having the exactly same problem with one of the controllers, tried everything from updates to recovery, even checked if was some problem with SteamVR but it wasn't. I have a special care with them since it was hard to get the equipment, mostly i play VRchat that doesn't put any pressure on the equipment, since its a chatting game. I can say i used it for 453 hours (since i only played vrchat on steam). Any way to fix it yet?
  • I have the same issue.
  • Hi @foley, Please let us know the order number of purchasing NOLO and serial number on the product box that starts with letters LY to, thank you. 
  • Hi @ludy, We have sent you an email, please check the mailbox! 
  • Still trying to get product number, will send ASAP. (Hard to get because it was a gift)
  • Thanks for the response, i will send it as soon as possible
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    Same thing. The touch pad turns off after a while (The button still works) and have to restart the controller then. I have NOLO VR for like 4-5 months now. Heres some example video.
  • Hi @Externet ;

    Please let us know the serial number on the product box that starts with letters LY

    Please also let us know the firmware version of the devices. This could be found from Firmware Updater of NOLO driver. Please plug in each device and check the version of the firmware. Thank you.  
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    Already send an email to the support team. Just waiting for a response. And yea, all devices are up-to-date already, for months now, i think they already came updated. Controllers v2.1, Base Station v2.0 and Head Maker v2.0. The NOLO driver is also up-to-date (0.12.20171127).
  • Just a feedback on my case, i think it's a good thing to people to know what was the result. I had three solutions the support gave me, two after my controller died because of hardware problems after this trackpad problem, one was send the controller to the company for fixing, the second one was buying other controller for 69$, i decided to buy a new one, since it was going to be cheaper than sending throught the taxes in my country again, they were very helpful and gave me good support in the mail box, yet one thing is bugging me now my other controller started doing the same trackpad problem as the other, still has a big window before stopping to work, but i can imagine its going to be the same as the other that broke, being frequent as time passes. This make me very disapointed on the product, i can understand one defective controller, but two of them doing the same thing just say to me it's a problem in it's manufacturing, since i only use to play VRchat that requires little movement. I hope Nolo get to fix this as time passes, until then, i cannot recommend it to anyone.
  • Hi @Foley, we have replied you an email, please check mailbox! 
  • I am having this very same problem with one of my controllers. i have only had nolo for a couple months if that. where do i go to get help. 
  • Hi @ginty22

    Could you send the order number of purchasing NOLO and the serial number on the product box that starts with letters LY to Thank you. 
  • I bought some flat ribbon cables and soldered them on as replacements. I'm sure NOLO wouldn't want you to do that though. Mine are already old and worn out so works for me to do this. 
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