controller touch pad problems

one of my controllers touch pad dose not always respond when i touch it.


  • Hi @waffeins, could you please let us know more details on this issue? 
  • i play games or use the nolo visualizer software. After i click the touch pad few times it stops registering my touch on the pad. i turn off the controller and turn it back on it works fine for few clicks on the touch pad. Some times the touch pad gives a bad input before it stops responding.
  • I had payed for a broken controller replacement and one of the side release grip buttons dose not click, the same thing happened with my old one. It happened after 2 days of use and i was not sure that it dose not click since the controller has 2 of them.
  • We would like to make sure by side release grip buttons, were you referring to the grip button or pair button that did not click? 
  • Grip button dose not click. But the track pad is a bigger problem
  • Hi @waffeins, We have replied through email, please check the mailbox!
  • Hi, I may be experiencing the same issues.

    I start out with everything working as normally as I expect, but if I click the touchpad too much (or a little, it's uncertain), the touchpad stops working.

    Upon inspecting the indicator on the touchpads while in the SteamVR home menu, it looks like the input is stuck in the center, when I touch the pads. Holding home to turn off the controllers, and turning them back on, seems to fix it until it breaks again. I've been forcing my input settings on most games to move by touch input, and not push. As long as i'm not clicking the touchpad too much, it seems fine, but doing this locks me out of certain functions in a few games.

    This seems to affect both controllers, not at the same time, but when i've been clicking in the touchpad enough times on any of them.
  • @TotemSP2 Hi, thanks for your message. Can you please send your order number of NOLO CV1 to (We would like to know when did you purchase your device)
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    Hi, I may be experiencing the same issues.

    Sometimes when I touch touchpad it doesn't even respond or it's sensitivity is everywhere.
    This seems to affect both controllers.
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