Using the Unity SDK

Hello! I'm having some issues using the Unity SDK. I'm currently engaging in some research & development and wanted to test out Nolo's capabilities, but whenever I make an Android build using the Unity SDK, the app will redirect me to the Nolo Home app and inform me to "Please purchase the game in the NOLO HOME". 

According to the docs, there is an APP KEY involved in this process, so perhaps that is the issue? The docs say the "APP KEY will be generated after the building of application , each key matching with each application" and provides this broken link:

Do I need to "Become a Developer" in order to get the APP KEY and build and test apps? If so, I believe I will run into the same problem that spencercap did in his forum post where I don't have an ID Number and also have a U.S. phone number. 

So any clarifications on the matter would be most appreciated! Thanks!


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