Hello since the new update on PSVR PS4 Beat Saber came out Saturday or Sunday best saber has gone from good to bad!!!! My controllers/ savers on the screen do not match each other as they did before the new/ latest update. I can’t plsy songs anymore on expert/ even on easy or normal it’s that bad. My controller will be completely straight yer the saber on the screen will be a bit off or sometimes completely to the side when straight. But only happens with the red side. I have tryed switch it on and off and swapping the remote round and even the hight of me on the game it’s self. Nothing seams to work and in mid song the controller will go off into the distance. Never happened before the update. But is happening now. Please can someone help me I loved this game so much and now I’m just annoyed and disappointed. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME. OR THE ADMIN HELP PLEASE. THANK YOU 
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