Notification for Pimax users! Please do not UPDATE the firmware []-)

Recently, we received many requests of Pimax users to downgrade the firmware of their controllers and the headset marker. 
As the latest firmware of NOLO CV1 is not compatible with Pimax 4K. If you update the firmware, your controllers will not work normally. (Then you definitely need a downgrade of them.) 
Please do not update the firmware until we announce the compatibility of latest firmware with Pimax. 

We hope you enjoy your NOLO!


  • I was one of the unfortunate who did the update and my controllers were double. Thanks to Nolo support, everything has been fixed and my NOLO is working now wonderfully with my Pimax4k!
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  • @rusi ;will have to wait for solutions, because both companies have compatibility problems, even when both have an SDK to support compatibility
  • What I am wondering is, If it was a product that wasn't compatible from the beginning, i can understand it.
    But, Pimax did not update. Nolo has been updated.
    if the compatible product is not compatible after the Nolo firmware update, I think it's weird. 
    Am I strange? ^^;; 
  • It's just they update everything without testing,a  REALLY BAD way to do... Pimax broken, trinusPSVR broken, What are you trying to do Nolo... like... seriously ? :/
    For PSVR I'm not worried, Trinus is working for correct everything even if it's completely the Nolo fault, and Ivry will release the full version soon, both will be compatible with the last Nolo firmware... but no thanks to Nolo :/ 
  • More than 8,000 Pimax 5k, 8k products are currently shipping in progress.
    If you add up to general sales, it will be more than 10,000 units.
    This product has no controller yet.
    The solution is to buy expensive "vive" products, or buy "NOLO".
    "NOLO" it worked well, but updated it and it is not compatible.
    for that reason, The buyer will withhold the purchase due to incompatibility.
    Or "PiMax 5k, 8k" buyer buys and updates "NOLO", the downgrade staff will be overworked with remote assistance.
    "PiMax 5k, 8k" If buyer wants to buy "NOLO", please solve it quickly.

    My opinion has ended here.
  • For the headsets that have their own drivers, how we work together is to provide them our latest SDK and they integrate it into their own software, like PiMax, DPVR and Emdoor VR.

    Before we released our latest firmware, we have sent our latest SDK to Pimax team in advance and asked them whether they could integrate the updates in Piplay, so that the 4K&NOLO users could improve their experience. They replied that they needed to consider it and didn't provide an ETA for that. 

    After that, we released our latest firmware about two months ago. 

    Recently, we received their email said they want us to modify some of their files to be compatible with our latest firmware. We may not be able to do so as this is not the way we used to work together and we are not familiar with their codes. 

    Hope you guys could understand our position. 
  • What's the best firmware go to?
  • @PeaceLight Hi, if you're using Pimax, please keep your CV1 firmware unchanged.
  • please update firmware compatible to pimax 8k!
  • @연도사 ;when for Pimax 4k will be compatible?!
  • @admin Pimax team are no longer willing to support Pimax 4k. Leaving community in the dark.
  • @admin I need help in downgrading my Nolo firmware.
  • @yishihara Hi, please send us your preferred time slot between 10:00-18:00 UTC+8 Mon-Fri with your teamviewer ID and password to 
  • @admin, thanks for helping to downgrade the firmware. I have to say though that with the previous firmware, Nolo is basically unplayable with Beat Saber since there are serious issues with the rotation drift of the controllers. Please develop firmware that is backwards compatible and actually works with Pimax if you are going to put Pimax in the compatible devices. Or at least, if possible, provide a separate firmware update that fixes the rotation drift that is compatible with the Pimax devices.
  • @yishihara Thanks for your message. As we update the firmware, Pimax needs to integrate the updated SDK to their software. I'm not sure if you understand this issue. But we cannot do anything if they cannot update the SDK to your software. 
  • Compatible with nolo from the following pitool versions
  • @admin ;Feel free to delete this topic since pimax has already solved this problem in the new version of PiTool, it is fully compatible with Pimax 4k, 5k, etc. Tracking is of course slower than directly through NoloHome, but in principle the main thing that has become compatible
  • @admin, do not delete this post. The newest Nolo firmware is too buggy to be used properly. Weird 90 degree rotations on the controller and headset marker when re-centering, frequent loss of tracking, drifting happening on the headset marker which this specifically I have never encountered in the older firmwares.
    I still have to reiterate that it is important to make your SDK backwards compatible (as a developer myself, this is the utmost important thing to do when you especially have business clients) or at least if you are going to break backwards compatibility, test the software extensively enough so that there are actual improvements in the usability. The current firmware upgrades are just making Nolo unusable for Pimax and iVRy users.
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    @yishihara Don't hold your breath waiting for NoloVR to acknowledge or fix bugs. They have no idea how to behave like professional developers. In the (almost) 2 years I've been supporting their hardware they have not once released a properly working version of their firmware/software. These are not subtle bugs, they're the kind you find after 5 minutes of casual use. You'll have to work around the bugs (as usual with this hardware/software), or have it look like your software has problems.

    Have a look at the (weird but it kinda works) code for recentering in the latest PC SDK (3 April). Seems to fix the recentering issue with the latest firmware (in most cases). Unfortunately that PC SDK can't be used with older firmwares (see my bug report, that will as usual be completely ignored - I don't know why I bother), so you (or whoever is making Pimax drivers) will need to build 2 versions, 1 for 1.09 and earlier firmwares, 1 for 1.10 and later firmwares. There also doesn't seem to be any way to get the new firmware to work properly with the SDK that it was initially released with (28 Feb) or any version other than the latest.

  • @iVRy ;Well, it really is true and I agree with the trouble that is happening now with NoloVR. Some stopped supporting NoloVR altogether, because why everyone should go for it ... If the update is 1 month for them, it’s much more difficult for Pimax, I waited half a year for me to do compatibility, half a year ... During this time if i'm not mistaken nolo 2 times already updated my firmware
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    @TheDeaX ; It's been clear for some time now that LYROBOTIX is trying to clear out all the 3rd parties that are creating solutions for their hardware. In most cases it's probably a good idea, as non 100% working solutions reflect badly on them. Other companies work with developers to make sure the solutions work well, but LYROBOTIX is not one of those companies. They've recently destroyed their relationships with other SteamVR driver developers that have also helped them in the past.

    NoloVR's recent firmware and SDK changes have forced most developers to do yet another rewrite to support their hardware. I would imagine there won't be any left soon. (Un)fortunately for me, I've been working with their stuff since the very beginning (we're on the 3rd or 4th major change so far), so I can adapt my NoloVR code to whatever they change to pretty quickly, without having to rewrite it.

    I expect that there is even an SDK for 3rd party developers any more is largely due to Pimax. Having dealt with both companies I can say that they share the same distrust of external developers. This is a problem for both of them because they won't share source code, and neither of them can afford to completely dump the other. It's ironic that companies (at least in the case of LYROBOTIX) that are happy to steal other people's work (copying proprietary software, using open source software without following the terms of license) are so scared of playing nice with others. Did you know the USB traffic between the Nolo headset marker and their PC/Android driver is encrypted?

    The problem with both companies, is that their in-house skills are insufficient to develop quality software, and their company philosophies are not sound. They won't be around forever, as inter-operability and quality of experience are foreign concepts to them, both of which are crucial to market success in the western world.

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    @iVRy ;that’s why people don’t even leave the programs for flashing nolo ... Surprisingly enough ... Although I stole the firmware and the firmware themselves from them, but ... I’ve run into the DFU Mode problem for the controller, I need that program similar to serial port, and remembered code AA 55 00 01 in hex
  • @TheDeaX Yes, you need to send that sequence to the hardware to put it into DFU mode. It is pure insanity thinking that I would allow an untrustworthy company to gain remote access to my development computer.
  • @iVRy ; hi ivry,I've seen you blabla lots of words many times,I don't understand why you are so emotional and outspoken, like an uneducated child.Their free software is hurting you?Even though they have a lot of bugs, you used to make money with their users.So why you are so aggressive?

  • @iVRy ;Only I have a problem, which program I have not tried. My device is not transferred to DFU Mode, is there any working and reliable option?
  • @TheDeaX There is, but the UI is in Chinese, so NoloVR (understandably) is not promoting its use, as it can potentially cause more issues if you do something wrong.
  • @stoneeeeee I don't respond well to having to constantly waste many hours of my time to work around their bugs, or having portions of my software stolen.
  • Why do controllers constantly intermittently shut down? how to prevent it?
  • @Degrease78 Hi, we can do a remote session to refresh the firmware to disable auto-shutdown version. Please send us your perferred time slot between 10:00-18:00 UTC+8 Mon-Fri with your Teamviewer ID and password. We will reply to your email and confirm the time slot with you. 
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