BUGS: New Windows Client/Server SDK

Updating my software to support the latest firmware, which requires the new Client/Server Windows SDK.

Here are the bugs I found so far:

- Only 64 bit build of NoloServer.exe supplied, so not possible to build the required 32 bit SteamVR drivers with this SDK.
- StartNoloServer() doesn't support providing a path for NoloServer.exe - only works with default "" path.
- NoloServer.exe starts with a visible text window. I work around this by finding the window and hiding it, if the server was started by my driver.
- No way to shut down NoloServer.exe. I work around this by killing the process, if the server was started by my driver.
- TriggerHapticPulse() doesn't work at all.


  • That make me ask you : What is the last version supported by Ivry ?
    (Software ASSISTANT version and/or Hardware Firmware)

    Also, can't wait for your full version of your driver for PSVR ^^
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