Bad behaviour on Unity SDK with OSVR HDK2

Hi! I just receive my nolo and I have a bad behaviour in unity. When i start the project, the controller of the nolo manager SQ appear on my back.
I have already double-clicked the reorientation buttons. Is there a way to better calibrate or solve the problem?


  • @morbidick Hi, thanks for your message. Can you record a short video and send it to
    Please also let us know if you have updated the firmware? or what firmware are they? Which software are you using?
  • Hi,
    thanks for your quick comments.
    For the firmware Version: 
    HMD Main Board: 1.99
    IMU Sensor Hub

    For dll i have used hidapi & nolo-osvr
    and your NOLO Unity SDK.

    For the game development software it's the last Unity Version 2018.3.10f1 (64-bits).
    I send the video Soon.
  • I have temporarily solve the problem by replacing my stereo camera by a mono and with another setting. The problem come from the fact that the Vr Camera on the manager is not detecting on the same place that the real Vr camera Helmet. I think that I will do some R&D before contacting you for my bugs. Now on the product itself, the work done is bluffing.Very good job guy's, it's very cool.
  • @morbidick Hi, thanks for your update. No problem. If you have more question, you can also reach us at 
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