NOLO HOME version 1.11 released

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NOLO HOME version 1.11 released!!!
1. Compatibility with PSVR for playing SteamVR games. (Supports the latest firmware)
2. Added One-click repair function to NOLO Toolkit.
1) Try One-click repair when the connection fails.
2) Try One-click repair after successful connection with no controllers.
3) Try One-click repair when NOLO HOME reports an error.
3. Optimized rotation calculation of the headset marker, reduced the spinning sensation of playing VR games.
4. Optimized the effect of streaming service for Pico and Skyworth standalone VR headsets.


  • Without stolen drivers this time ? x'D
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    Still using stolen PSVR monitor drivers. This time they removed the copyright to try to hide what they have done. I will be taking legal action against this if LYROBOTIX does not remove this software immediately.
  • what the fuck nolo... stop right now...
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    Whoever did this is very dumb. There are binary signatures in the files that I created. So they edited some information but left my binary signature. I can prove I created the binary, and they never asked for permission to use it (or even apologised for using it without permission).
  • Stolen drivers? Thats... very disapointing to hear.
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    We suggest you completely uninstall the installed NOLO HOME and clear the residual files. 

    Download the NOLO HOME again from the following link:

    There is no infringement issue in this version.

    NOLO are using open source code and NOLO's own development capabilities to provide users with a more convenient way to use NOLO CV1 and PSVR.

    As a technology company, NOLO understands the importance of intellectual property and respects every intellectual property from a technical perspective.

    If you have any questions, please communicate with us.

  • I wait for Ivry check as I really don't like what you did in the previous one.

    Except that, all other issues from NOLO HOME 1.10 are corrected ?
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    The Nolo PSVR monitor drivers are "derived works" of the iVRy PSVR monitor drivers. In the case of open source software, there are various rules (depending on the license invoked on the work) with regards to "derived works". My software is not open source and I have given no license to LYROBOTIX to produce "derived works" of my copyrighted materials.

  • Basically LYROBOTIX is saying that by deleting my copyright notice, they are avoiding copyright infringement. That's not how copyright works. The following file comparison and the fact that the version they published a few hours before this was an exact copy is enough to prove copyright infringement. Notice the 2nd EDID_OVERRIDE section which is a signature I put in, that they have copied verbatim (without understanding its purpose). They claim they developed the version you see here using their "own development capabilities" in the few hours between my "cease and desist" and their update.

    They have proven that they are a dishonest company, first by stealing intellectual property, and then by lying and concealing. Let's see how that works out for them...

  • I am formally requesting the source code of all Open Source derived software that LYROBOTIX (aka. NoloVR) is using, as per the license requirements of using that software.
  • For what iVRy said, we did have such issue in versions 1.11.9 and 1.11.11. We are deeply sorry and urgently put the software offline. The latest version that went on online has nothing to do with the iVRy. We hope to communicate properly with iVRy but it has not been reached. For the version 1.11.12, there are nothing regards to this issue. In order to completely disassociate the relationship with this issue, we went online another version last night (version 1.11.13) which is completely different from the iVRy implementation method.  In addition, the controversial file is relevant to parameter information of PSVR and has nothing to do with the core code. Even so, we apologize to iVRy. NOLO is committed to providing users with more cost-effective hardware and easier-to-use free software, without intention to infringe and steal anyone's hard work.
  • @admin Do not forget that you have a legal (and moral) obligation to provide the source code of all open source derived software in use by your company, on request. I have formally requested that source code. Your choices are to provide the source code, or to stop distributing software based on it.
  • @iVRy If you have any queries, please contact us through the legal approach. We reiterate that there is no infringement of iVRy's copyright with our latest version of the NOLO HOME. If iVRy continues to slander us maliciously, we will reserve the right to investigate and affix iVRy's legal responsibilities.
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    @admin I have checked the latest release of Nolo HOME and can confirm that the files your company used and modified without permission are no longer present.

    I am not slandering your company, I am requesting the source code of open source derived portions of your software, as per your statement, and the legal requirements of using open source software:

    "NOLO are using open source code...NOLO understands the importance of intellectual property and respects every intellectual property from a technical perspective."

    I am not doing this out of spite or malice, I am doing it to improve interoperability between your hardware (which does not have adequate documentation or examples for using the SDK) and my software.

    Please do not threaten me with "we will...investigate and affix iVRy's legal responsibilities". I am not using open source software. I have developed all of the portions of my software myself, and hold full rights to use that software in any way that I deem fit (including preventing other parties from using it without permission).

    It appears that your company wishes to do "the right thing". Please continue to do so by releasing the source code of any portions that are derived from open source.

    We are all trying to work towards the same goal here, allowing users of NoloVR and other consumer VR hardware to be able to run VR titles with minimal issues.

    I apologise for any comments I have made regarding the ethics of your company. I hope you can understand how frustrating and disappointing it is when you find out one of your "partners" has used your work without permission.

  • @admin ; freeze issue
  • @TheDeaX what HMD are you using? (If I remember right, Pimax or PSVR?) are you using the latest firmware with the latest version of NOLO HOME? Also, are you using the 4m USB cable which contains in the NOLO product box?

  • @admin i use 5 meter USB cable, Pimax 4k. USB Works good, but tracking have issues. It is only necessary to block the Head Marker a little, then the result is a gray screen in a helmet that will disappear only when I remove the obstacle. Does everything work exclusively through the base station?
  • @admin ;PiTool is currently compatible with the latest NoloUpdate 1.11.12
  • @admin ;After experimenting with 2 firmware (from 1.9 and 1.11) there were no problems with the gray screen in 1.9, but there were problems with tracking the controllers, and in 1.11 it was already the other way around, the controllers work perfectly, but why the gray screen appears even when it happens by chance it appears when I don’t block anything
  • @TheDeaX Thanks for your update. I'm a little confused about the gray screen. Are you able to record it in a video? I may consider it's a Pimax problem. As we only transfer the position and rotation data to them, there's nothing about with display. And we cannot change anything about the display settings. 
  • @admin ;I just suspect that when even for a split second disappears from view, at least the data will not be transmitted by default ... well, then I’ll talk with Pimax, you need to do something else so that it goes by inertia if the trackers fall out of sight
  • @admin ;or does it make sense the base station mode is 360 °
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    @TheDeax The grey screen thing is a SteamVR feature when the HMD driver tells it that tracking is unavailable. You can turn it off by manually editing the steamvr.vrsettings file and adding the following to the "steamvr" section:

    forceFadeOnBadTracking : false

    but really the issue is with the Pimax driver, as it should be giving orientation data regardless of the presence of the Nolo (positional) tracking.

  • NOLO HOME does not recognize my Steam Installation if drive letter is not C:\

    Even the NOLO HOME from Steam itself does not recognize the Steam Installation.

    Give an option to manually select where Steam has been installed instead of erroring out and halting the setup procedure.

  • @CMM Hi, thanks for your message. NOLO HOME should recognize the Steam installation whether the drive letter is C:\ or not. Can you try to restart your computer to see if it solved?
  • The issue does not resolve itself after PC restart.
    Installing Steam on C:\ works without issue but G:\ makes NOLO HOME complain.
  • @CMM Thanks for your update. I'll pass your message to our dev team for testing. 
    edited April 2019
    The Steam version of NOLO HOME received a silent update 1.11.14 which has fixed the issue.

    The Non-Steam version could use the same fix.

    Copying/Replacing the below files from the Steam version to the Non-Steam version works.


    Can the Ceiling Feature be added within NOLO HOME?

    The flag does exist in NOLO_HOME.exe.config

          <setting name="BCellingMode" serializeAs="String">

    Changing False to True works on Oculus Go.

  • @CMM Thanks for sharing this info with everyone.  :)
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