Switching off sound streaming [oculus go] + Setup Tips

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Hey all!

What an incredible piece of software you all have made!! I am now able, with an xbox controller and my second hand oculus go, to experience a super smooth experience in my steamVR games. (i7 + gtx 1060 6gb, 32gb memory)..

Does anyone know if its possible to turn off audio streaming to the headset?  How would one do that?  The latency is so brilliant that I output the audio on my computer. So id love to not stream the audio from SteamVr if possible. Im sure itll only improve the experience if its possible.. :-)

Hope anyone can help me! :-)

For the second part, of my post, id love to help out anyone who is just trying to get it setup. Here are some tips that helped me get a smooth experience.

I bought a USB 5ghz wifi adapter for 25 USD that is plugged into my pc, that i sit next to, which does nothing but share the wired internet connection that goes into my pc for my oculus.

On steam vr, I had to enable Direct Mode. I turned off Steam VR Home. So I have to manually click a game on my pc which then comes up on my headset. I also played a bit around with the settings for the resolution that steam and also ingame settings - if there are any (such as in Everspace).

It took me a few tries before my headset got properly recognized by steamvr, but now it recognizes it flawlessly every time.

Sometimes oculus doesn't load the game proper, it will continuously show that Nolo Home is starting to connect with SteamVr. Im not sure what causes this, but this is very easy to fix by pressing the on/off button on the oculus quickly, and then again to activate it again (dont shut it down). On rare occasion i need to this twice, but it always works.

I am playing with my wireless xbox 360 controller. At some point I might invest in Nolo Cv1. :-) The 360 controller is easily picked up by my MS wireless USB dongle for PC play.


  • @thehighnotes Hi, thanks for your message. It's great to know that you enjoy your NOLO!

    You can turn off the audio streaming from the setting. 
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