BUG: Latest PC SDK is not fully compatible with Nolo HOME 1.09 and earlier firmwares

edited April 2019 in General
When using Nolo HOME 1.09 (and earlier) firmwares with latest PC SDK (3 April), the controllers report incorrect orientation (180 degrees out) after recentering using double-click of system button. After moving the controllers a bit, the orientation gradually corrects itself. This is not an issue using Nolo HOME 1.09 (and earlier) firmwares with the previous PC SDK (19 Feb), nor is it an issue when using Nolo HOME 1.10+ firmwares with the latest SDK.

This makes it impossible to release software that supports both 1.09 (and earlier) and 1.10 firmwares.

Looking forward to one day seeing a NoloVR firmware/SDK version that doesn't contain obvious bugs. It has been almost 2 years now...
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