Can I use like this?

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Sorry for the many questions.
Is it possible to use NOLO HOME software in such a way?
I tried it but when it does not come out the screen will be tracking, but when it comes out the screen will only rotate the screen and the tracking will not work.
[1] is a base station
[2] is a controller
[3] is a headset marker
[4] is a headset marker cable connected to PC.
[5] is a NOLO HOME


  • Sorry, there is a problem with the picture.
    [3] next to [5] is [4]
  • @heavyrisem Hi, I understand you want to use the USB mode to connect your headset marker to your PC, right? Sorry, NOLO HOME windows client does not support USB mode. The gameplay experience is much better without the cables. 
  • @admin I do not have a cable connecting Gear VR and NOLO. So I'm looking for another way and I think I can use it in the NOLO Assistant. Is this true?
  • @heavyrisem Hi, the USB mode is no longer support in the NOLO Assistant. Do you mean that you don't have the OTG cable? When and where did you purchase NOLO CV1? 
  • @admin ;I bought the used NOLO CV1. I did not know the exact date of purchase, but I have a base station, a controller and a headset marker. I knew later, but I did not have an OTG cable.
  • @heavyrisem Hi, thanks for your message. If you can send us your shipping address to, we can calculate the shipping cost for you. Then you can purchase an OTG cable separately. 
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