Latest NOLO Firmware issues. Need Help!

Hi! I apologize for my English.
Yesterday I updated the firmware to the latest version via NOLO Home.
Because it was written about improvements with Steam VR.
Unfortunately I was not aware of the problem. I use a pimax 4k helmet.

After the update, Nolo assistant stopped seeing the base station and controllers.
Nolo Home sees all the components, but why doesn't Nolo Home support the pimax helmet? Why can't I choose the helmet type "others" as in Nolo Assistant???
Steam Vr also stopped seeing nolo components, detects only controllers.
Can I fix the problem with the current firmware or do I need to downgrade?


  • Im having the same problem but im using riftcat with android
  • @Syprima Thanks for your message. You can download the beta version of pitool from Pimax website which is compatible with the latest firmware. And you're no longer need to use NOLO Assistant. 
  • @javenell Riftcat is no longer support NOLO CV1. You can try Trinus which is another streaming software. 
  • Thank! I downloaded the beta version of pitool from the Pimax website and now everything is fine. But I had to completely remove Nolo Assistant and NOLO Home to make all the components visible.
  • @Syprima Hi, thanks for your update. Yes, please do not run NOLO HOME or NOLO assistant together with Pitool.
  • @javenell Try iVRY, it has built-in support for NoloVR, and that support is actively maintained to work around the bugs in the NoloVR firmware/software.
  • edited June 2019
    Came here to say that only i've only gotten success with iVRy, it's frustrating that the kickstarter campaign "6 DoF Motion Tracking System. Front-facing Room Scale. Low Latency. Android Compatible. Created for Mobile VR Headsets." is just pure bs now when they are primarily supporting tethered headsets and occulus go / gear vr. 
  • Hi @kaiyotee,

    Thank you for your feedback. We are working on the cardboard version of NOLO HOME streaming as well. We received many negative feedbacks since launch, while most of them were caused by the variety of the headsets and phone models.  In order to guarantee the performance, we will continue adding compatible phones and headsets to our list after thorough tests.
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